Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Football 2023

In the UK, football is the most popular game to bet on. 40 percent of the money wagered by bettors goes on this sport.

It is therefore important that you as a punter fully understand the new and popular niche betting markets for football.

Many betting websites offer special offers and competitive odds.

This article will give you all the information you need about betting on football so that you can make an informed decision situs bola.

How does betting on football work?

The odds are determined by the bookmaker. They represent the ratio of stake to winnings for a particular outcome if you decide to bet.

They are usually expressed as fractions. You can choose to show the fractional price as decimals or as a fractional price (e.g. 3/1), but you can also do it in fractions.

If you place a bet at decimal odds of 4.0, you’ll get PS4 for every PS1 wagered. If you place the same bet with decimal odds of 4, your total return on PS1 is PS4.

How to choose a betting site for football?

Our list includes the best football betting sites and bookmakers. You can use these to open new accounts and to take advantage of special offers for new customers. Then you can apply your newfound knowledge to football betting and scroll down to read the rest of this comprehensive guide.

Football betting: How it works

Bookmakers offer odds for almost all details of football games. Each week, thousands of matches are played around the world. Bookmakers will offer odds on events and outcomes of matches, including the number of goals, corner wins, yellow and red cards, and individual goal scorers.

Each bookmaker has a wide range of special offers, and odds that are competitive. You will receive your stake and the winnings if your bet wins the event.

There are many types of betting, such as accumulators. You can combine multiple selections into one bet to get a large odds price. It is possible with most football markets.

We will explain the most common types of football bets.

Match bet

It is the simplest form of betting on football. You simply choose the outcome of the game, such as a win at home, a draw, or an away win. This applies to games that are played after 90 minutes. If you bet on the home team and they win only after extra time and penalties, then you won’t receive any winnings because the match is a tie.

Bet builder/same game multi

In recent years, bet builders have become a popular way to wager on football. These bets can also be referred to by the name same-game multis. They are essentially an accumulator based on outcomes of a single game rather than across multiple fixtures.

You can create good odds by combining your selections. Yellow cards, corners, and the match outcome are all popular selections.

In bet builders, you can include player props. We explain them below. The player props have also become a popular way to bet on their own.

Player props/player stats

This shows how the betting market for football has evolved with a detailed set of markets that have been released for different Premier League and International matches. It is not the same as the card or goalscoring markets. You can bet on a player’s number of tackles, shots and offsides.

Prop markets have also become more popular, with bets on how many throw-ins, free kicks and goal kicks are there in a game. The props that are available vary from one bookmaker to another, but bet365 is one of the best bookmakers for player props.

It is also possible to place a bet on how many passes a particular player makes during a match. This can be an interesting bet and customers are able to do their own research prior to placing the bet.

Many bookmakers use these bets to boost odds and give players more value. However, you should be careful about the amount you stake as football is unpredictable.

Asian handicap bet

A Asian handicap bet involves your selection having a handicap to overcome. What makes this bet special is that the draw is not possible.

Bookmakers will give each team an plus or minus number to indicate their handicap. It can either be a full-goal (such as +2 or -2), or a half goal (+0.5 or 1.5).

A brief example will best illustrate how each one works.

Whole-goal handicap

Manchester United -1 and Newcastle United +2

The numbers next to each team represent the score of that team in the match.

You win if Manchester United wins by at least two goals. If they lose or draw, you lose. You get your stake back when they win with a 1-goal margin. The -1 cancels out the one-goal difference, and the handicap results in a draw.

You win when Newcastle United wins, draws or loses by one goal. If they lose three goals or more, you lose. You get your stake refunded if the team loses by two goals, as the +2 cancels out the loss.

Half-goal handicap

Manchester United +1.5, Newcastle United -1.5

You win if you bet that Manchester United will win by two goals or more. You lose if you win by just one goal or if the bet is a tie.

You win if you bet on Newcastle United, and they win by one goal or lose by one, a draw, or a win. You lose if they lose by two goals or more.

Half-goal handicap betting eliminates all draw possibilities.

European handicap bet

The main difference between European handicap betting and Asian handicap betting, is that you can bet on the draw. There is also no market for half-goal handicap.

A brief example will best illustrate how it works.

Manchester United -1 Draw -1 Newcastle United +2

If you place a bet on Manchester United and they win with a margin of two goals or more, you will win.

If you place a bet on a draw, then you will win if Manchester United wins by just one goal.

You win when you bet on Newcastle United if the team wins, draws or loses by just one goal.


You can wager on the outcome of either the first or second half. You can choose to bet on either the home or away team for both halves, or you can bet on a draw.

Football fans often place this bet if they believe that certain teams will start or end matches strong or weakly.

This type of wager can be a great way to find out if key players have been injured or rested.

Double Chance

To increase your chances of winning, you can place a bet on any two of the possible outcomes. Combinations are:

  • Home team or draw
  • Away team, draw or away team
  • Home team or awayteam

You will receive your winnings in full, if any of the combinations you choose wins. This is reflected by the odds which are lower than those for single match outcome markets.


The most popular form of football betting is the accumulator, which combines multiple selections in one bet. They are popular because they can offer big rewards for small stakes, as each selection is placed on the next.

You are taking on a risk by betting that the entire bet must win in order for you to get the payout. Some bookmakers offer insurance on accumulators, like William Hill. If one of your picks fails to win, you’ll get your stake as a free wager.

You might, for example, identify four teams you believe will win matches. All of them are at odds-on. If you bet PS1 each on the four teams in single bets and won, your return will be PS8.

If you bet PS1 on an accumulator with all four teams winning at even money, then the PS2 won by Team A would be effectively placed on Team B. This would double the return from PS4 to PS4, which would again double for Teams C and d, resulting in a total return of PS16. The return on an accumulator would be PS81 if all four teams are priced at 2/1.

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